Pam Stark Massage, Craniosacral and SCENAR

Pamela Stark
30 Fern tree Cl
Hornsby 2077
02 9476 5341
Hornsby, New South Wales

In a relaxing bushland setting . Remedial, Deep Massage, ENAR & SCENAR pain control - 18 yrs - excellent results - 7 days / week - GOOD PRICE

Welcome to Pam Stark Massage, Craniosacral & ENAR / SCENAR

Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage

When you book an hour you get a FULL hour perhaps MORE depending on your body with no further charge!
I am here 7 days a week and charge reasonable prices for a full hour or more massage to help your muscles relax, treating the results of past injuries or postural stress. If your muscles are sore, you don't move as well as you would like to, your body hurts from work postures, housework or sporting activities, Pam can help relieve your pain. Also experienced with relieving frozen shoulder, migraine, over-used joints & sciatica.

Lymphatic Drainage

Swollen Legs? Swollen arms? After an operation? After preganancy? Pam can stimulate the Lymphatic system to help you reduce the swelling. This complements what you may already be doing: wearing stockings, elevating the limb, taking control medication, .... Try Lymphatic Drainage.

ENAR & SCENAR Pain Relief & Better Body Function

The Enar & larger Scenar (both Neuro Adaptive Regulators) are non-invasive medical devices which stimulate the body's inherent self-healing resources. Pain relief is very effective due to the body's release of endorphins. Macquarie University Research and the TGA recognise this technology for its pain relief. Pam has helped many with pain. Try it for your pain. The Scenar and massage is very effective.

SomatoEmotional Release

Based on CranioSacral Therapy this will help deal with your physical or emotional pain. The light touch assists your body and works well with massage. I have clients who have had relief from Whiplash, jaw tightness and emotional pain.

Massage and Counselling

Combining massage and counselling can be a great relief to mind and body. Try it! Many find it really good. HOWEVER Pam will do just massage - you say what you want done.

Pregnancy Massage

I use many techniques to release muscles which are working very hard to support the unborn. Your baby will also benefit from this. After childbirth is also a time when you may need your muscles released as your body moves back to normal functioning.

Most Health fund Rebates Apply

Testimonials available.


All through our 70’s and now our 80’s Pam is able to soothe our aches & pains, leaving us calm & sleeping better. A & A. Through my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression, Pam’s massages and conversations keep helping me to feel more balanced & optimistic. LW. Pam listened and reflected back to us our very deep love. We are very happy to be together again. I&A.

I love the birds, bush sounds and Pam’s massages. They keep me able to cope with the corporate world. AT.

Call - 02 9476 5341

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Sports Therapies
  • Myofascial Massage (Deep Tissue) Certificate
  • Reiki enabled
  • Acupuncture Diploma
  • Membership of AMT and ATMS Massage Associations
  • Bachelor of Counselling/Psychotherapy and Human Change
  • Membership of CAPA Counselling Association
  • Advanced SomatoEmotional CranioSacral Therapy certificates
  • * All fields are mandatory EMAIL ENQUIRY